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Below are links to various pages associated with speculative poetry, speculative poets, speculative poetry markets, calls for papers, and scholarship. If you know of any suitable sites to link to, or if you notice that a link is broken, please contact us at with the subject heading of either New link or Link broken.

Speculative Poetry.

Ralan's Webstravaganza: www.ralan.combr The Science Fiction Poetry Association:

Speculative Poets.

Mike Allen:
Chris Ambrose:
Liz Bennefeld:
John Borneman:
Bruce Boston:
G.O. Clark:
Gary Crawford:
Erin Donahoe:
Denise Dumars:
Suzette Haden Elgin:
Timons Esaias:
Neil Gaiman:
Joe Haldeman:
Ilona Hegedus:
Tracina Jackson-Adams:
Sandra Kasturi:
Geoffrey Landis:
Ursula K. Le Guin:
Sandra Lindow:
John Nichols:
Tim Pratt:
Dee Rimbaud:
Peter Roberts:
Karen A. Romanko:
Ann K Schwader:
Marge Simon:
David Lee Summers:
Mary Turzillo:
Ian Watson:
Alex Wilson:
Jane Yolen:

Speculative Poetry Markets.

Calls for Papers.


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